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Smart and sustainable business requires the skills of logistics experts who are able to think ahead.

we are relaible and delivers on time


Dynamic Wave Logistics. With our extensive network, we will find a competitive and efficient solution to your next assignment.

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We are honored to be a leading and reliable partner in the field of transport and logistics. we deliver on time to meet the customers schedule

Who we are

Dynamic Wave Logistics is a Delivery company at the intercetion of USA, and Asia on the meditaranian, provides international logistics service with a great degree of operational relaibality and professional Customer Care with the shipment status that can monitor on a continuous basis through its web based tracking system.

  • Secured delivery.
  • Less Expensive.
  • Avaliability.
  • Trusted.
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Ocean Freight

By using a combination of sea and air freight, we offer deep sea services that encompass the whole world. by bringing added flexibility to your supply chain.

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Air Freight

Air Freight services that encompass the whole globe, we have the capacity, drive and determination to offer highly competitive tariffs coupled with first class services.

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Street Freight

Road Cargo services all over the world, we have the capacity, drive and determination to offer highly competitive first class services.

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We have 19 years experience in this passion, Since 2001

Dynamic Wave Logistics is dedicated to reach every Documents, Non-Documents-Sample Shipments, Commercial Shipments, Import & Export Goods to every possible locations and address in the world as per customer requirements. Dynamic Wave Logistics is committed to provide affordable International courier service adhering to the stringent time schedules and quality standards.

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Address: 5698 Bandini Blvd B, Bell, CA 90201, United States

6153 South Super Highway Manil, Philippines

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We at Dynamic Wave Logistics appreciates all our customers around the world.

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We have standy customer service support, you can reach us anytime .

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We are the fastest delivery company, try DYNAMIC WAVE LOGISTICS.

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The best delivery service i have gotten is from Dynamic Wave Logistics.

Susan Cruz


within a small period of time my package got delivered

William Moody


i'm pround to testify that Dynamic Wave Logistics is the best

Joney Richy